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What Is A Real Estate “Bird Dog”?

People that first hear the term “bird dog” might be confused how the term can relate to real estate investment, but when you look at the traits a true “birding dog” (or hunting dog) has in comparison to a “bird dog” or real estate headhunter, it all begins to make sense. Both have a keen nose for finding and flushing out their target. Both must be patient and know when to move forward and when to wait based on what their senses are telling them. And, to be successful, both hunting dog and bird dog must bring home their target to be rewarded.

So what exactly is a real estate bird dog? A bird dog is a keen individual with an eye for distressed and underpriced properties that would interest a real estate investor. In return for these finds, the bird dog is paid once their lead results in a successful purchase. A bird dog might have an interest in real estate investment or just be in it for the thrill of the hunt. Either way, we love working with reliable bird dogs who are ready to be paid well for their leads.

How is bird dogging different from a real estate wholesaler?

You may be familiar with the term “retail wholesaler” but a real estate wholesaler is a whole other ball game! A wholesaler finds distressed properties with motivated sellers to buy and finds an investor to sell the property to before they buy the home from the seller. A bird dog prefers to skip the lengthy process of finding a buyer and negotiating contracts and sell their lead for a tidy investment to an investor (such as us!) who is willing to spend the time and energy to speak with the owners at length about their property and the terms of the sale, and then arrange the legal contracts to buy the property for their portfolio.

Even with the ability to escape the legal ins and outs of contracts and title companies, a bird dog’s job is still difficult! Bird dogging may need zero capital to get started, but this job demands rigorous research and constant networking to try and find those promising leads that can be passed on to investors for a fee. At Wholesale King, we appreciate all the bird dog’s hard work! That’s why we make your finding fee very competitive to the current market.

The benefits to bringing us your hot deals:

  • We are local!
  • We handle all of the paperwork and make sure everything is above board.
  • Assignment fees are not limited to one small amount.
  • Get cash at close every time!
  • Our fees are very competitive for the industry.
  • We get deals done fast so you can get paid quickly!
  • We use trusted and reliable Title Companies to complete the purchases.

We Pay Top Dollar For Leads On Investment Properties In Portland And All Surrounding Areas

If you are a real estate agent, investor, homeowner in OR, or someone with a lead on a house, repair project, fix and flip, or other investment property that is ready to sell, give us a call at (503) 404-4532 today. Wholesale King pays top fees for leads, contract assignments, and any other deal that helps us find deeply discounted investment properties in OR. Our process is straight-forward and we will let you know what we can offer within 24 hours of first contact. If your information leads to a successful purchase, we are excited to offer you a lucrative fee for your find.

Even if you are a homeowner in the Pacific Northwest that is behind on your mortgage, stuck in foreclosure, or facing some sort of difficult situation, we are here to offer an helping hand. Skip the fees, brokers, and lengthy process of a traditional home sale! With our long list of interested buyers that are ready to invest in the Portland area real estate market, our team will help you sell your house fast and for a fair cash price.

No matter what your situation, reach out to us today at (503) 404-4532. Once you tell us about the hot lead you have for us, we’ll work with you to find a great win-win price for both parties.